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The Psychic Psychologist: Heal Your Past, Find Peace in the Present, Transform Your Future by Amanda Charles

Bridging psychology and the psychic world, this book will help you to find deep healing and connection with your truest self.

The Psychic Psychologist will guide you toward living in alignment with your authentic self, help you to understand what it means to feel lost and disconnected, and remind you that you have the power to transform your life for the better.

Through expert tools and exercises including breathwork, mindfulness, and a self-connection quiz, Amanda will show you how to:

* process difficult, suppressed emotions with effective methods
* establish which areas of yourself you've disconnected from: your body, thoughts, emotions, or intuition
* learn to trust yourself and your inner guidance, and embrace your capacity for self-healing
* develop new, positive patterns of behavior and healthy habits
* shift your vibrational frequency to the next level

Combining traditional psychology with quantum theory and transformational energy work, Amanda's tried-and-tested method will help you to understand the origins of relational, emotional, psychological, and physical issues, work through them on a deeper level, and reconnect with your inner-tuition to create and fully embrace a positive and bright future.

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The Psychic Psychologist by Amanda Charles