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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (Paperback)


It takes great courage, but one day Santiago decides it’s time to follow his heart and believe in his hopes and dreams, so he sets off in search of distant lands. He meets people along the way and sees incredible things that change his perspective forever and provide him with the wisdom he needs to lead the life he craves.

The Alchemist is an astonishing tale where folklore and magical realism combine to form a compelling story that might just change your life forever.

This book has topped the bestseller lists in 74 countries worldwide, has been translated into 67 languages, and has won numerous awards including the 2004 Nielsen Gold Book Award, Germany's 2002 Corine International Award for fiction, and France's Grand Prix Litteraire Elle in 1995.

You should read this book if…

  • You love spiritual self-help books where old stories and magic combine to inspire and motivate you
  • You are looking for some guidance to start a new chapter of your life
  • You are a fan of Paul Coelho’s work

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho