Dionne St Rose


BSc Psychology, MSc Organisational Psychology

Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Dionne. I was born and raised in London with a proud St Lucian Heritage. I've worked as a Health and Wellbeing Coach and have a professional background in Mental Health and Wellbeing. All my services are spiritually based which I believe was the crucial component missing whilst working in healthcare.

My soul purpose in life is to guide others back to an authentic, aligned life through a mixture of Life Coaching, Tarot & Oracles readings and Angelic Reiki Healing. At St Rose of London, I bring an unique approach to Coaching and Guidance Readings — one that is focused on self-inspiration and which embodies the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of wellbeing.


My aim is to assist as many souls as I can to become the very best version of themselves. My humanistic approach allows my clients to feel supported through their cycle of transformation. Please feel free to contact me!


"There is only one you in this world and that is your superpower!"