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Our Services

Tarot Reading (Online/In-Person)

15 mins (£15), 30 mins (£40) or 60 mins (£60)

I provide a welcoming and sacred space for us to explore the things that are bought to your awareness. My approach is collaborative and conversational as I encourage you to trust your intuition also. 

Event Hire - Tarot Reader

Want a tarot reader or Angelic Reiki Master for your upcoming event? Look no further, St Rose of London is available to hire! Tarot readings at events are fun, memorable and a great conversation starter! Contact us to receive a quote.

Blank Label Candles

Have you ever wanted your brand to have a candle range? But do not have the time to research, plan and make them? Contact us today to discuss our Blank Label Candle service! 

Party Favour Candles

Having an event and Interested in having luxury Soy Candle Favours at your event for an affordable price? Get in contact today! We can design and make your perfect vision for your event!

Angelic Reiki Healing (Online/In Person)

Angelic Reiki is a unique and powerful healing system that combines the ancient art of Reiki with the loving energies of the Angelic Realm.  Angelic Reiki works directly with the highest vibrations of the angelic hierarchy to bring about healing and balance on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Personalised Care - Tarot + Reiki& More

Dionne offers a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and energy healing with her unique service. A total mind, body and soul reset. The combined Tarot reading and Reiki Healing offers profound insights into your life's path and the opportunity to cleanse and balance your chakras. Sometimes even life coaching, counselling skills or dream interpretations may be ultilised.

Become a stockist

Would you like to become the next St Rose of London stockist? Contact us today to learn more! You can stock your favourite scents or we can create a signature collection for you. 

Business Administration Freelancer

We are very proud to have built this brand from scratch! (Emails, Social media marketing, website building etc) We would love to connect with you if you are in need of a social media/business administrator.

The list is endless...Get in touch today!

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