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Angelic Reiki Practitioner Training

Level 1 & 2 (3 Day Course)

Discover the Divine Energy Within and Become an Angelic Reiki Practitioner


Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, while connecting with the powerful energy of the Angelic Realm? If so, then the Angelic Reiki Training Course: Level 1 & 2 is the perfect opportunity for you. This transformative course is designed to help you tap into the divine energies that surround us, learn to heal yourself and others, and become a certified Angelic Reiki Practitioner.

What is Angelic Reiki?

Angelic Reiki is a unique and powerful healing system that combines the ancient art of Reiki with the loving energies of the Angelic Realm. Unlike traditional Reiki, Angelic Reiki works directly with the highest vibrations of the angelic hierarchy to bring about healing and balance on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Image by Ibrahim Rifath


The benefits of becoming an Angelic Reiki Practitioner.


Self Healing

Angelic Reiki empowers you to heal your own physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances, providing you with a sense of peace and well-being.Angelic Reiki helps balance the body's energy centers (chakras), which can lead to improved physical and mental health.


Stress Reduction

The practice of Angelic Reiki can help you manage stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil, promoting a sense of calm and inner balance.


Service to others

As a practitioner, you'll have the skills and knowledge to offer healing sessions to family, friends, and clients, aiding them in their healing journey. By becoming a certified practitioner, you can make a positive impact on the lives of others by providing healing and guidance.


Spiritual Growth

Angelic Reiki encourages personal and spiritual development, deepening your connection with the Angelic Realm and your own inner wisdom. Many students experience an increase in their intuitive and psychic abilities as they connect with the angelic energies.

The Course includes:

Our Angelic Reiki Practitioner Training Course: Level 1 & 2 is a comprehensive program that will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to practice Angelic Reiki confidently. During this course, you can expect to: Learn the Principles: Gain a deep understanding of the principles and philosophy of Angelic Reiki. Connect with the Angelic Realm: Establish a strong connection with the Angelic Realm, facilitating healing and guidance. Hands-On Practice: Develop practical skills through hands-on healing sessions with fellow students. Energy Attunements: Receive initiations and attunements to open your energy channels to the Angelic Reiki energy. Chakra Balancing: Learn techniques to balance and cleanse the body's energy centers. Self-Healing: Discover how to apply Angelic Reiki to heal yourself on all levels. Healing Others: Learn how to perform Angelic Reiki sessions on clients, friends, and family. Ethical Practice: Understand the importance of ethical conduct and consent in energy healing. Certification: Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate recognizing you as an Angelic Reiki Practitioner, Level 1 & 2.


What is the investment? £333

Flexible Payment plans welcome - Contact us to set up payment plans

Cancellation Policy: All full and part payments made are non-refundable

Why Book with Us?

Choosing the right training provider is crucial when it comes to Angelic Reiki, and there are several reasons why you should book with us: - LIVE, hands-on learning - Face-to-face Attunements - Development at an achievable pace - Our courses follow the syllabus guidelines set by the Angelic Reiki Association - We offer a more personalised approach to learning, providing you with the tools to process and integrate your new knowledge into your life. Unlock the power of healing energy and embark on a transformative journey with our Angelic Reiki Training Course: Level 1 & 2. Whether you're seeking personal healing, spiritual growth, or the opportunity to help others on their healing journey, this course is your gateway to a brighter, more angelic future. Join us and discover the magic of Angelic Reiki today!

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