Dionne is incredibly gifted, warm and kind and put me at ease straightaway. My reading was wonderful and the messages she channelled has helped me tremendously. She has given me much needed insight and guidance and I highly recommend her!

J.E 13.10.22


Life Coaching

Whewwww. This coaching session felt like a good stretch. It relaxed me and helped me to "put my head on straighter", in a sense. Dionne is honest, helpful, and everything with her just flows so naturally. I definitely know what to work on, and the pace that I want to go at, which definitely needed some adjusting, so thank you. You helped to organize my thoughts and plans in a way that just makes sense. You are simply amazing. Thank you so much.



Dionne is a golden ray of sunlight bringing such fresh air to the bring, it was so easy to be in her presence and open up to the healing grace that flows through her. I am blessed to have been gifted such a wonderful healing session as it was much needed. I cannot recommend her enough. 🙏💫♥️

RACHAEL 26.10.2022


The women's circle was so authentic and inviting. It was very timely; and it was supporting and enriching. Dionne is such a great leader and host. I love that she is able to connect with women all over the world, from all backgrounds. The women's circle genuinely embodies the mission statement that Dionne intends for it; her vision for the group is to create a safe space and judgement-free zone for women to express themselves and connect with others and the Divine. She accomplishes this vision successfully. She boldly invites women to feel comfortable in their path by sharing hers. 

I.S 04.10.2022


Image by Mateo Giraud

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