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Dionne is just incredible! Souls like hers are rare and hard to find. She is kind, inspiring, encouraging and always goes above and beyond. I can honestly say that our six sessions have changed my life. Her humanistic approach is empowering and she is there every step of the way to guide you. Interacting with her is pure pleasure and has enabled me to unlock my potential, broaden my horizons and assert my power. I will be coming back for more and will raving to my friends about the amazing work Dionne does!


Hide and Seek

Dionne always helps me put things into perspective and feel grounded and empowered. She’s really inspiring and always goes out and beyond to help me stay focused on what’s important to me and equips me with the tools and confidence to achieve what I set my mind to. I am very grateful to her for always creating a “safe space” where I can be myself.


Hide and Seek

I took 6 week Personal Shift and it actually shifted me. The work we were able to do was immense and I don't think I would've been able to transform myself this much in a matter of 3 years, let alone 6 weeks. I'm still a bit fuzzy because it's a big change but I feel it's for the better. So thank you.


Hide and Seek

Thanks to my sessions with Dionne, I was able to finally take the needed steps in my transformation journey. From minute one of the consultation call, I felt very safe and understood. Her warm heart & amazing presence made this a very pleasant & lovely process. I can only recommend her work & what she represents.




I discovered Dionne’s work through a close friend. Through her coaching and tarot reading , I have learned how to listen to my instincts and trust that everything is working out for me. Thank you for your insights and regular guidance. We have only had two coaching sessions so far and numerous one-to-one tarot readings, nonetheless I instantly notice a shift in myself and how I show in this world for myself and other after an hour in your presence. It amazes me how you can always sense what is happening in my life and what I need to hear. May you continue to have a positive impact on the souls who would benefit immensely from your work and passion.

F.B 18.05.22



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