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Client Reviews: Testimonials
Client Reviews: Testimonials


I booked a session with Dionne for my birthday. I first had the Soul Guidance Reading and I have been able to use the advice I received to make some decisions already. St Rose has an ease of communication so the readings are clear and gives you foundations for what you want to do with your life next. St Rose is also down to earth and makes you feel comfortable. Her interpretations were explained in understandable ways. I had no hesitations in booking St Rose after following her on social media and I am glad I did. I approach my life with more positivity after my reading with her. I also had a reiki session after. The session made me feel stronger and gave me a sense of peace. St Rose truly has a gift. I also had a surprise birthday present which I thought was a lovely treat! 100% recommend

EMILY M 15.5.2023

Client Reviews: Testimonial Form


I’ve observed that I consult Dionne’s service when the day to day get too much. I know her methodology is powerful because it always leaves me feeling more grounded and ready to make the necessary tweaks to my routine. Thank you for your help and guidance.

27.07.23 - 1:1 COACHING. F.B


This has been one of the most powerful spiritual experiences I have had in my lifetime. Dionne’s ability to connect with me and take me on this spiritual journey has been so enlightening for my self growth…I am speechless for the things I experienced in this session…I’ve never felt so empowered and light after getting a service as much as I have with Dionne’s reiki healing. This girl has got the purest yet a powerful spirit and presence. Love and healing shines through her work and her energy. Truly a magnificent, I intend to continue with this journey. 10/10 would defo recommend for anyone that need to align with their higher self ! ✨

HIRA 23.02.2023

Another wonderful journey with St Rose of London. Dionne created a beautiful community where women are safe to share, explore and support one another. Each event brings about new insights, supports my healing journey and makes me feel connected to the women in the community.

J.L 29.11.2023



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