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Sodalite also sometimes known as the stone of endurance can be used to maximise energy even in the most difficult of times. It can be used to increase confidence and enhance creativity. Sodalite can aid in alleviating fear, offer psychic protection and clear the mind.

Ultimately, Sodalite is known to provide you with the power to communicate effectively. It enhances your ability to follow your intuition, speak the truth of your emotions and allow you to be objective, and it encourages rational thoughts. 


Throat and Third Eye Chakras

Calmness & Rational Thoughts

Enhances self-esteem and trust


Heart: The heart crystal bringing focus to heart healing and energy of universal love across time & space.

Sodalite Heart Shape Crystal

  • Approx Measurements:

    Choice A: Length: 65mm Height: 65mm Width: 15mm  95g

    Choice B: Length: 65mm Height: 60mm Width: 25mm 95g

    Choice C: Length: 65mm Height: 60mm Width: 25mm 113g

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