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Career Advice Reading

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Soul Guidance Reading

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Guidance Tarot Readings

Spiritual Guidance for your Path

I offer a variety of Tarot Readings that guide you on your soul path. I provide a safe and calming environment for us to explore the things that are bought to your awareness. My approach is collaborative and conversational as I encourage you to trust your intuition also. I see Guidance readings as an extension of your self-reflection work! 

Online or in-person sessions are available. To Book, please go to the "Contact" Page and message me.

How to Prepare for a Reading

Good news! All you have to do to prepare for your first Reading with me is to be present! Here's a step by step process of booking a reading with me.

  • Think about the area you would like spiritual guidance in.

  • Fill out the contact form and tell me what reading you would like.

  • We will get a date and time book via email or over the phone.

  • Be excited for your reading and bring a pen and paper so you may reflect on all that was said.



The Options available are:

15 Mins - £10

30 Mins - £20

45 Mins - £30

60 Mins - £35

90 Mins - £45

All Donations will help raise money towards my fundraiser! More details will be given in our correspondence. It's a win, win situation!